EVV Schedule of Events and Training

The Georgia Department of Community Health is committed to providing the most up-to-date information regarding Georgia’s EVV program. Check out the list of upcoming events where we will be providing great opportunities to:

  • Learn what EVV is and how it affects you as a member or a service provider
  • Get information on EVV processes and expectations
  • Learn about the benefits to using the EVV system
  • Learn what a service provider's role is in EVV
  • Hear about a day-in-the-life of an EVV member or a service provider
  • Discuss some of the myths about EVV
  • Get updates on Georgia’s status as the state progresses towards full EVV implementation compliance
  • Get answers to your questions about EVV

EVV Events

Event Type  Location Date  Time  Registration


EVV System Training

EVV system training is provided by Conduent, in partnership with Netsmart! See the table below for training topics, dates, and registration links. The links will connect you to Netsmart's training website where you can register for a specific training session or pre-recorded video. The live webinar training sessions allow you to interact with the instructors during the scheduled sessions; including the ability to ask questions. The pre-recorded sessions allow you to complete training independently and watch the courses during a time that best works for your schedule. Download the following pdf file.  Download this pdf file. Click here to view the “Georgia EVV Program Training Registration How-to Guide” for step-by-step instructions on how to register for training . The guide also provides some helpful hints regarding training!

Training dates will extend through 2023 for both EVV PCS and EVV HHCS Programs. DCH may update the below table so check back often for updates. While times will vary for each session, the day of the week and weekly recurrence per topic will remain the same.

Training Type Dates Registration
Administrative Console Live Webinar

Weekly – Each Wednesday

Register Here
Claims Console Live Webinar

Weekly – Each Thursday

Register Here
Netsmart EVV Mobile Application Live Webinar

Weekly - Each Tuesday

Register Here
Administrative Console Pre-Recorded Session On Demand Register Here
Claims Console Pre-Recorded Session On Demand Register Here
Netsmart EVV Mobile Application Pre-Recorded Session On Demand Register Here


Unsure of Which Training You Need to Take?

Everyone has access to all trainings, but the chart below provides an overall description of the available training modules, the length of each one, and who they are recommended for.

Traditional Medicaid Members, you do not need to take the State EVV solution (Netsmart) training. You are welcome to take any training, if curious, but it is not necessary.

Self-Directed or Consumer-Directed Members, DCH will be discussing your training needs in upcoming meetings to be scheduled for April. You may register for these DCH-hosted sessions by clicking on the registration link in the table above this section, as they become available.

Case managers and support coordinators, you do not need to take the State EVV solution (Netsmart) training currently. You are welcome to take any training, if curious or if you would find it helpful in advance of specific case-management functionality.

EVV Training Topics 2021


Monthly Calendar of Scheduled Events: Download this pdf file. EVV Events Calendar March 2022  - Posted 03/09/22

Past Monthly Calendar of Scheduled Events (2018 - 2022)

Let us know if you’d like to see other details added or if you have a question.