EVV Third-Party Information

The Department of Community Health (DCH) has fully implemented the State EVV solution, Netsmart Mobile Care+, for Personal Care Services (PCS) and is working to extend the functionality to support EVV for Home Health Care Services (HHCS) by January 1, 2023. Providers have the option to use an alternative third-party EVV solution of their choice. The alternative third-party solution must meet all mandatory federal EVV requirements and integrate with the State EVV solution. Please note the following deadlines regarding the third-party integration process:

  • The deadline for initiating the integration process with Netsmart was March 31st, 2022. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: Third-party vendors needed a signed contract/attestation with Netsmart and an active user in Georgia by March 31st, 2022, to integrate. 
  • The deadline to fully complete the integration process with Netsmart was June 30th, 2022. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: All third-party vendors with a signed contract with Netsmart and an active user in Georgia had to complete integration and be in production by June 30th, 2022. If they did not complete integration by June 30th, 2022, the vendor may not be allowed to participate in Georgia’s EVV Program. Vendors should contact [email protected] to request a post deadline integration consideration.

You can find a list of approved EVV vendors and those in the process of completing the integration process Download this pdf file. here .


Georgia EVV Call Center

Contact the Georgia EVV Call Center for technical issues or questions. To receive faster service, you will need the following information to create your support ticket:

  • Your agency name
  • Your agency Medicaid ID 
  • Your agency National Provider Identification (NPI) number
  • Your agency Employee Identification Number (EIN) or tax identification number
  • Contact email address
  • Call back number

Additional Netsmart EVV Training Materials

Once you, as a Provider, have registered and have access to the Georgia EVV solution, Netsmart EVV, you will be able to access additional training materials including Netsmart user guides and on-demand short videos for specific issues and training topics.

You will not be able to access these user guides and on-demand videos until you have completed registration and logged in to the solution.

To access those materials, click here.

Third Party Vendor Attestation

Georgia DCH has selected Netsmart, https://mobilecaregiverplus.com/ga-dch/, as the State selected EVV system and is making this system available at no cost to you. DCH allows providers to select their own EVV system or continue using their current EVV systems however the provider is responsible for any costs associated with using the alternate EVV system. 
It is the provider’s responsibility to ensure their selected EVV system meets both DCH and the 21st Century Cures Act requirements. For this reason, you as the provider, are required to complete a  Download this pdf file. Third Party Attestation found here . Completed forms should be sent to DCH at [email protected].
Your vendor must also complete the  Download this pdf file. Third Party Attestation found here , and return the completed form to Netsmart at [email protected].

Please continue to visit the DCH website for the latest information regarding EVV and Third Party Vendor integrations.


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