Waiver Programs

Special Notice: Ending July 1, 2022, the Georgia Department of Community Health accepted public comment for a 30-day period on the New Options Waiver (NOW) and the Elderly and Disabled Waiver Program (EDWP) to renew both waiver programs. Links to the public notices and draft waiver applications are listed below. 


Medicaid waiver programs help people who are elderly or have disabilities live in their home or community instead of an institution such as a nursing home or intermediate care facility for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Each program offers several "core" services:

  • Service coordination (help with managing care needs and services)
  • Personal support (assistance with daily living activities, i.e. bathing, dressing, meals, and housekeeping)
  • Home health services (nursing, home health aide, and occupational, physical and speech therapy)
  • emergency response systems
  • Respite care (caregiver relief)

Additional services are available under each program. The following is a list of waiver programs in Georgia.

Download this pdf file. COMP Waiver Renewal Application - Posted 02/16/21

Download this pdf file. New Options Waiver Program (NOW) and Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP)   - Updated 3/10/20

The NOW and COMP Waiver Programs provider services and support for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) provides day-to-day operations in these programs through six regional field offices. These programs offer an array of services designed specifically for the population such as support employment, residential services, specialized medical equipment and supplies, vehicle adaptation and behavior support services.

To apply for services in one of these programs, please refer to the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Services (DBHDD). 

Download this pdf file. Independent Care Waiver Program (ICWP)  - Updated 3/10/20

The ICWP offers services to a limited number of adults who apply between the ages of 21 and 64.  Eligibility for ICWP is based on either a nursing facility or hospital level of care for adults with severe physical disabilities or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Available services include personal support, home health services, specialized medical equipment and supplies, counseling, emergency response systems, and home modifications.

To apply for services in the ICWP, contact Alliant Georgia Medical Care Foundation (GMCF) at 800-982-0411 or 888-669-7195. You can also contact GMCF at www.gmcf.org. 

Download this pdf file. Community Care Services Program (CCSP ) and Download this pdf file. Service Options Using Resources in a Community Environment (SOURCE ) - Updated 3/10/20

Found in the Elderly & Disabled Waiver Program, the CCSP and SOURCE Programs serve frail elderly and disabled Georgians otherwise eligible under a nursing facility level of care through the provision of case management for service coordination, adult daycare, alternative living services, personal care, home-delivered meals, and respite care for family caregivers. Enhanced case management service is available to individuals who require coordination and oversight through a primary care physician as part of the team

To apply for services in either program, contact the Georgia Aging and Disability Resource Connections (ADRC). The 12 ADRC offices are identified by counties served. 

Download this pdf file. The Georgia Pediatric Program (GAPP)   - Updated 10/20/17

Provides services to medically fragile children with multiple system diagnoses. Services are provided in their homes and communities and include nursing services to address the need for skilled professional services and personal care support services that assist with activities of daily living.

To apply for services contact a GAPP provider agency directly. GAPP nursing agencies can be found in Appendix U of the GAPP provider manual on the GAMMIS website

Download this pdf file. Waiver Amendment Application for Georgia’s Elderly & Disabled Waiver Program  - Posted 2/21/19

Download this pdf file. Waiver Amendment Application for Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program - Posted 3/29/19

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