Infant and Early Childhood Behavioral Health Services

Download this pdf file. IECMH EBP Billing Guide Dyadic Models

Dyadic treatment is family therapy. These treatment models include both the child and their caregiver(s), called the dyad, and their focus is strengthening the caregiver-child relationship. Dyadic models achieve this by improving positive parenting skills through observation, coaching and treatment. This guide is intended to support behavioral health practitioners in billing for services when providing dyadic models of therapy to young children and their families. It describes what dyadic models are, the services that make up dyadic models of therapy and billing codes available for these services.


Download this pdf file. Medicaid Funded Behavioral Health Services, Ages 0-6

This document was developed by request from the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Task Force. The table provides Medicaid program name, service type(s), description, and policy location for all children's mental health services available through Medicaid reimbursement.


Download this pdf file. DC:0-5 Crosswalk & Case Studies

The DC:0-5 is a diagnostic classification manual for mental health and developmental disorders of infancy and early childhood. The manual supports clinicians in the diagnosis of these disorders in young children through a systematic and multiaxial approach to diagnosis. DCH recognizes the DC:0-5 crosswalk and information can be found Download this pdf file. here